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Spring MVC Security JDBC Authentication Example with Custom UserDetailsService and Database Tables using Java Configuration On this page we will walk through the spring MVC security JDBC authentication example with custom UserDetailsService and database tables using java configuration. Spring MVC Security In-Memory Authentication Example with AuthenticationManagerBuilder Using Java Configuration In this page, we will learn spring MVC security in-memory authentication with AuthenticationManagerBuilder using java configuration. To achieve it we have to override a method configureGlobal(). Built-In Expressions and Objects in Spring Security Spring security provides built-in expressions and objects to check and validate roles. Spring expression is very powerful tool while handling with spring security. SecurityExpressionRoot and WebSecurityExpressionRoot. @PreFilter and @PostFilter in Spring Security @PreFilter and @PostFilter is a strong feature in spring security to filter collection or arrays on the basis of authorization. This can be achieved using expression-based access control in spring security. @PreAuthorize and @PostAuthorize in Spring Security Spring security provides method level security using @PreAuthorize and @PostAuthorize. This is expression-based access control. @PreAuthorize can check for authorization before entering into method. Spring Security using @Secured Annotation In this page we learn, how to secure a service layer method using annotation in our application with spring security. Spring security provides @Secured annotation and to enable annotation based security.
Example of Security Pointcuts in Spring Spring security provides pointcuts to allow security in service layer of application. All methods of more than one class can be secured just by matching a pattern. How to Access Roles and User Details Using Spring Security In spring security, it is required to show some zones on the basis of access roles. For this we need roles details and user details to decide which zone should be shown. Session Management in Spring Security Session Management is very crucial part for the spring security. Because if session is not managed properly, then security of data is directly impacted. How to Add Channel Security in Spring Spring security provides the feature to secure the URL patterns. For any URL pattern if we want to allow only HTTPS access, we have to do a small configuration in our spring security configuration. "Remember Me" in Spring Security Example This page will walk through Remember-me in spring security example. Remember-me functionality enables a user to keep logged-in. How to Use Password Encoder in Spring Security This page will help you to understand how to use spring security with encoded password. Encoded password is necessary in the application where security is more concern. Spring Security Login Example with Database In this page, we will learn login application using database in spring security. We can configure authentication-manager to get username and password from database. Authentication and Authorization Using Spring Security Authentication is related to word who. Application will check it by a login form. Authorization is to check whether user can access the application or not or what user can access. Custom Login Page and Custom Error Message in Spring Security Spring security facilitates custom login page and custom error messages if authentication failed. In spring security configuration XML, we look at the <http auto-config='true'>. Spring Security Simple Login and Logout Example For any web application or enterprise software application, security is most important feature. For any application we need authentication and authorization for any user.

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