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Privacy Policy

Concretepage.com helps the software developers and interviewees. We write topics mainly on core java, j2ee and java frameworks with example and concrete explanation. Find the privacy policy of our website.

What Information We Collect

Our website uses following user information.
Email Id : We collect email id of the user to join forum for question and answer and to send latest post notification.
Cookies : Cookies are used only for session validation.

How We Use Information We Collect

In forum we use email id to identify a user uniquely and sends the updates of question and answer. We also use email id to send latest post notification. While using forum and writing comment, we encourage the user not to post their personal information. Besides joining forum and subscribing for latest post, we do not ask for user email id anywhere else in our website. After successful login in forum, we use cookie related to the user only to validate session.

External Links

There are external links in our website as a referral link. User also post external links in forum as well as in comments. When a user clicks the external link and visits the page, user needs to check that website privacy policy.


In our website, we use advertisements. Advertisers use user location and other browsing information to personalize advertisements.

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