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Add Header and Footer in PDF Using iText in Java This page will provide the tutorial for how to add header and footer in every page of PDF using iText in java. iText provides PdfPageEventHelper class that has different event methods that is called while writing PDF. Add Password and Encrypt-Decrypt PDF using iText in Java In this page we will learn how to use iText API to add password in PDF and how to encrypt and decrypt existing PDF to write and read data respectively. PdfWriter.setEncryption() method is used to add password to new PDF. Add Image in PDF Using iText in Java In this page we will learn adding image in PDF using iText API. iText provides Image class using which we can add image in PDF. Image class provides different setter and getter methods. Create PDF with Text, List and Table in Java Using iText In this page we will create PDF in java using iText API. iText is an open source that provides API for PDF. We can easily create and manipulate PDF files.

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