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FreeMarker Tutorials

Freemarker TemplateLoader with MultiTemplateLoader Example On this page we will provide Freemarker TemplateLoader with MultiTemplateLoader example. freemarker.cache.MultiTemplateLoader is the collection of other TemplateLoader. Freemarker Configuration with ClassTemplateLoader Example On this page, we will provide Freemarker Configuration with ClassTemplateLoader example. ClassTemplateLoader is used to load templates from classpath. Freemarker FileTemplateLoader and StringTemplateLoader Example This page will walk through Freemarker FileTemplateLoader and StringTemplateLoader example. FileTemplateLoader loads templates from a specified directory. Freemarker Shared Variable Example On this page I will provide Freemarker shared variable example. Shared variables are those variables that can be accessed in all Freemarker templates. Java Freemarker Templates (FTL) Tutorial with HTML Example This page will walk through java Freemarker templates (FTL) tutorial with HTML example. Freemarker is an open source powerful template language. It has versatile data model.

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