Apache API Tutorials

Apache HttpClient Interceptor Apache HttpClient adds HttpRequestInterceptor and HttpResponseInterceptor protocol interceptors to CloseableHttpClient using HttpClientBuilder class. Apache HttpClient Get This page will walk through Apache HttpClient get example. Apache HttpGet class processes the request URI with HTTP GET method and returns response in the form of an entity. Apache HttpClient Response Handler On this page we will provide Apache HttpClient Response Handler example. Apache HttpClient provides HttpClientResponseHandler to process responses. Apache POI-XWPF: Write MS Word DOCX In this page we will learn how to write content in MS word DOCX header, footer and body paragraph. To write header and footer, Apache POI provides methods. Apache POI-XWPF: Read MS Word DOCX This page will provide Apache POI-XWPF API example to read MS word DOCX header, footer, paragraph and table. Start by the API XWPFDocument to read DOCX file. Working with Cell Borders and Alignment in XLSX Using POI in Java In this page we will learn how to work with border and text alignment for a cell of XLSX. Color of border can be changed and the text written inside it can be aligned simply by using POI API. How to Create Date Cell in XLSX Using POI in Java This page will illustrate how to create date cell in XLSX using POI API in java. POI is strong API and supports formatting XLSX cell as Date. We can format cell according to our date format. How to Set Background and Font Color in XLSX Using POI in Java In this page we will learn how to set color in our XLSX. Generally we need to set background color and font color for our rows and cell in excel file. Setting color can be used. Read, Write and Update XLSX Using POI in Java To read, write and update XLSX, we can use Apache POI API. Apache POI is efficient to handle excel file. There are methods and classes in POI that makes excel processing very easy.

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