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Interview Questions: Spring Web Services

June 10, 2013
Qns-1: What are the key features of Spring Web services?
Ans: Key features of Spring Web services are
a. Reuses your Spring expertise
b. Supports WS-Security
c. Integrates with Acegi Security
d. Powerful mappings
e. XML API support
f. Flexible XML Marshalling
g. Built by Maven
h. Apache license
Qns-2: What are the modules consisted by Spring Web Services?
Ans: The modules consisted by Spring Web Services are
a. XML module (spring-xml.jar)
b. Core module (spring-ws-core.jar)
c. Support module (spring-ws-support.jar)
d. Security package (spring-ws-security.jar)
Qns-3: Which contract does Spring-WS uses?
Ans: There are two web service development styles: a- Contract First and b- Contract Last. In case of contact first, start with WSDL contract and use Java to implement that contract. In case of contract last, start with Java code and let the web services to contract WSDL. Spring-WS supports contract first approach.
Qns-4: What are the advantages of Contract-first over Contract-last?
Ans: a. Contract first remains constant as long as possible that is necessary for a contract.
b. Contract first approach is better for performance because contract last user java code to generate XML and that can result in slow response.
c. XML contract is re usable.

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