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Interview Questions: Spring Framework JDBC

June 12, 2013
Qns-1: In complete life cycle of JDBC, what roles are played by Spring JDBC?
Ans: Spring does following things:
a. Opens connection
b. Prepare and execute statement.
c. Iterate the results
d. Process exception if any
e. Handle transaction
f. Close connection
Qns-2: What template does Spring JDBC provide to access database?
Ans: Following template is provided.
a. a. JdbcTemplate
b. b. NamedParameterJdbcTemplate
c. c. SimpleJdbcTemplate
Qns-3: What are native NativeJdbcExtractor in Spring?
Ans: a. SimpleNativeJdbcExtractor
b. C3P0NativeJdbcExtractor
c. CommonsDbcpNativeJdbcExtractor
d. JBossNativeJdbcExtractor
Qns-4: What annotation is used to configuring DAO in Spring?
Ans: Write @Repository at class level. Entity manager can be configured by @PersistenceContext at property level.

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