How to Change Eclipse Console Buffer Size, Text and Background Color

By Arvind Rai, February 22, 2016
This page will provide how to change eclipse console buffer size, text and background color. For the demo we are using Eclipse Luna. In development phase sometimes we require to change console settings. If our server log is lengthy and we need to read complete log then we need to change settings. Sometimes we also need to change the text and background color according to our own readability point of view. All these settings can be changed in one UI of eclipse settings.

Step 1: Go to Window -> Preferences

Step 2: Go to Run/Debug -> Console

Step 3: Click on the Console. We will reach to screen as given below.
How to Change Eclipse Console Buffer Size, Text and Background Color
Step 4: Here we can change
a. Console width: By default console width is not fixed by character number and line does not break. But if we want to break lines by giving a maximum character width, then click on the Fixed width console and change Maximum character width as desired.

b. Console Buffer Size : If we want to limit console buffer size, then click on Limit console output and change the number of Console buffer size (characters). In case we do not need to limit buffer size, then leave the checkbox unchecked and then complete log will be displayed.

c. The width of display area of console can also be changed. To do so, change number of Displayed tab width.

d. We can also on/off standard output and error display by check/uncheck on Show when program writes to standard out and Show when program writes to standard error.

e. Console Text and Background Color: We can change the color of standard out text, standard error text, standard In text as well as background color.

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