Windows 7 Node.js Install Higher Version (above 13)

Asked on September 13, 2022
Windows 7 is not supporting Node.js above version 13.6.0.

I want to install Node.js version 15.0.0.

Is it possible and will it work?

Replied on September 14, 2022
The last Node.js version working on Windows 7 is 13.6.0. 
Through by setting NODE_SKIP_PLATFORM_CHECK environment variable to 1, we can use higher Node.js version on our Windows 7 platform. 

Step-1: Download .zip or .tar  from the link

Suppose we want to install version 15.0.0

Step-2: Extract to a folder, suppose C:\node-v15\

Step-3: Add Node.js home path i.e. C:\node-v15\  as environment variable.

Step-4: Run node command.

Node.js is only supported on Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, or higher.
Setting the NODE_SKIP_PLATFORM_CHECK environment variable to 1 skips this
check, but Node.js might not execute correctly. Any issues encountered on
unsupported platforms will not be fixed.

Step-5: Set NODE_SKIP_PLATFORM_CHECK environment variable to 1

Now we are ready to work.

Step-6: Check Node and NPM version
C:\node-v15>node -v
C:\node-v15>npm -v

Replied on September 14, 2022
Thanks. Working.

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