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Asked on March 22, 2013
my windows ig not genuine please tell me how to genuine my windows 
 my windows os is windows 7 ultimate laptop model samsung rv 509

Replied on March 22, 2013
Hi Anand,
To make your Windows 7 Ultimate genuine, download "Permanent activator/Windows loader" from the google/bing/yahoo and then...
  1. Open permanent activator and click on the Beginner mode and select Window 7
  2.  Right Click on "Windows  Permanent Activator [x264+64]" and select "Run as Administrator" and let it extract
  3. Now click on WINDOWS 7 INSTALL/UNINSTALL which will start the activation process in Windows CMD
  4. CMD will ask to confirm the activation, then type Y and hit ENTER to start Activating.
  5. Activation process may take couple of minutes.And also your PC will restart once activation is finished.
  6. After activation is done and your PC restarts you will get a prompt saying Windows is activated and other details.

Replied on October 12, 2013
I agree with Lucas explanation.

Replied on October 12, 2013

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