Spring batch csv to db

Asked on May 30, 2019
Hi i am new to spring
I have got assignment to do which include reading a csv file from ftp location and insert that csv elements to mysql database using spring batch 
Note: only using spring batch not boot , kindy guide me

Replied on June 01, 2019
Find the link that can help you.

Above link read csv file from classpath. We can read file from ftp using URL.

URL url = new URL ("ftp://username:password@www.myurl");
URLConnection urlc = url.openConnection();
InputStream is = urlc.getInputStream();

We can write item in database using JdbcBatchItemWriter.

    public ItemWriter<Marksheet> writer(DataSource dataSource) {
        JdbcBatchItemWriter<Marksheet> writer = new JdbcBatchItemWriter<Marksheet>();
        writer.setItemSqlParameterSourceProvider(new BeanPropertyItemSqlParameterSourceProvider<Marksheet>());
        writer.setSql("INSERT INTO marksheet (studentId,totalMark) VALUES (:stdId,:totalSubMark)");
        return writer;

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