ngx-treeview - enable specific values from the ngx-treeview

Asked on November 09, 2018

I am using ngx-treeview component. I referred the following example:

Here in treeview-item.js file I set internalDisabled to true : this.internalDisabled = true;

Now by default all values will be disabled. I want to enable only some specific values. 
For this should I need to call set disabled () from treeview-item.ts file :

set disabled(value: boolean) {
if (this.internalDisabled !== value) {
this.internalDisabled = value;
if (!isNil(this.internalChildren)) {
this.internalChildren.forEach(child => child.disabled = value);

But I am not getting how to call this from dropdown-treeview-select-demo.component.ts file. Can any one please provide solution for this?

Thanks & Regards
Shilpa Kulkarni

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