Angular 9 new features

Asked on June 15, 2020
What are the new features in angular 9?

Replied on June 15, 2020
In Angular 9 all applications uses Ivy compiler and runtime by default and hence Angular 9 has following improvements.

1.  Bundle sizes are smaller

Angular uses tree-shaking to generate less code for component and hence we can see the dramatic difference in sizes of small and big apps bundle.

2. Testing is faster

The TestBed is revamped in Ivy to make it more efficient. Previously TestBed recompiles all components between the running of each test even if there is no change. Now in Ivy the TestBed recompiles a component only if a component has been manually overridden.

3. Debugging is improved

Ivy provides more tools to debug the applications. Now Angular has a ng object for debugging .

4. Style binding is improved

Now better control of style binding to merge in predictable way.

5. Better type-checking

Now Angular compiler can check more of the types of our applications and it can apply more strict rules.

6. Build errors are improved

Now error message are more easier to read to understand the root cause of error.

7. Build times are faster

Angular has improved the build times using Ivy. Now our projects can compile faster than before.

8. Faster build process in i18n

In Angular 9,  the build-time i18n substitutions has been moved later in the build process. By this change, build process in i18n has been 10 times faster.


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