Can anyone help me in DBMS? I am not able to understand what the question mean?

Asked on January 03, 2015
Question: Consider the following relations for a database that keeps track of student enrollment in courses and the books adapted for each course:

STUDENT(SSN, Name, Major, Bdate)
COURSE (Course#, Cname, Dept)
ENROLL (SSN, Course#, Quarter, Book_ISBN)
TEST (Book_ISBN, Book_Title, Publisher, Author)

Specify the foreign keys for this schema, state if you have any assumption.

Replied on January 03, 2015
ENROLL (SSN)  is foreign key of  STUDENT(SSN) 
ENROLL (Course#)  is foreign key of  COURSE(Course#) 
ENROLL(Book_ISBN) is foreign key of TEST(Book_ISBN)

Hope, It will help you.

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