What is difference between the Java and C++?

Asked on October 15, 2013
Java is the collection of class and C++ also collection of class?
I am unable to understand when C++ is available then what is the need of Java? 
Whats the similarity in Java & C++?  

Replied on October 16, 2013
1. C++ is plateform dependent and java is not. It means if a project in C++ is created for windows, it will not run in Linux or Macintosh. Java provides JVM. JVM is platform dependent and is created for windows, Linux and Macintosh separately.  After compile java creates byte code.  JVM understands byte code. Hence java is platform independent. No facility like this in C++.

2.  Java is secure 

3.  java provides web technology and mobile technology and many more features which is not in C++.

4. Java follows more OOPs features than C++

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