org.codehaus.jackson vs com.fasterxml.jackson.core

Asked on October 12, 2017
What is difference between org.codehaus.jackson and com.fasterxml.jackson.core ?

Replied on October 12, 2017

 Jackson has two version 1.x and 2.x  and both has different Java packages and Maven artifact.

 1.x is old version which has project structure org.codehaus.jackson and was developed on 

2.x is new version which has migrated on Github and it has new project structure com.fasterxml.jackson

Now only Jackson 2 (com.fasterxml.jackson) is being developed actively.  As Jackson 1 and Jackson 2 both uses different packages so they can remain together without conflict in our the project. It helps in smooth migration of our project from Jackson 1 to Jackson 2.


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