Spring Batch 3 New Features

By Arvind Rai, November 07, 2014
Spring Batch 3 has some new exciting feature that can help enterprise to process batch job more efficiently. Spring Batch 3 follows the JSR-352 specification. It supports Java 8 and Spring 4. In this way spring batch 3 can use the latest features of java and spring. Find the Spring Batch 3 features point-wise.

Spring Batch 3 Supports JSR-352 and Much More

1. What is JSR-352? : JSR-352 is a Java Specification Request that provides batch application for java applications.
2. Spring batch 3 complies with JSR-352.
3. Java provides javax.batch.* API which can be used with Spring Batch 3. It supports jobs which has been created using JSR-352 .
4. Spring Batch 3 provides 17 different ItemReader and 16 ItemWriter.
5. Spring Batch 3 provides multi-JVM supports.

Spring Batch 3 Supports Spring 4 and Java 8 API

Spring batch 3 supports spring 4 and java 8 API. While developing batch, we can use the new feature introduced in spring 4 and java 8.

Spring Batch Integration is Now Part of Spring Batch

Initially Spring Batch Integration was the part of Spring Batch Admin. Now from spring 3 release, spring batch integration is the part of Spring batch 3.

Job Scope Support in Spring Batch 3

In Spring 3, we have a JOB scope. We can create a JOB bean that will use the step defined for batch processing. Using job scope we can restart the step.

SQLite Support in Spring Batch 3

SQLite is a database. Spring batch 3 integrates SQLite and it can easily be used in our batch processing. The purpose of SQLite is testing. Because we can simply connect with it and can use to process data in database.

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