How to list options in drop down based on some condition in Angular mat-options?

Asked on August 27, 2018

I have an array of applications. Here I need to list the application names in drop down. But some application names are null. So in drop down I am getting those applications also, as it does not have names just displaying blank option.
Is there any way to avoid those application names listing as option in drop down ?

My code is as follows:


<span style="font-size: 15px">
Apps </span>
<mat-select [(value)]="" [(ngModel)]="" name="" style="width:1%">
<mat-option *ngFor="let app of apps" [value]="">


getApps(loggedInUser) {
data =>{
let appsData = data["data"];
this.apps = appsData;
console.log("APPS LIST ARE AS FOLLOWS:");
errorCode => {this.statusCode = errorCode}


App array:
    1. Array(9)
      1. length:9
  1. Here I don't want list the applications as option in drop down which are having name as null.
  2. How to achieve this? Please provide solution for achieving this.

  3. Thanks & Regards,
  4. Shilpa Kulkarni

Replied on August 27, 2018
Using  filter I am able to achieve this functionality. I filtered the array as follows:
let appsData: any[] = data["data"];
this.apps = appsData.filter(app => { 
  if( != null) { 
    return app;

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