HTTP Successful Response Status Codes

Asked on February 22, 2017
What are HTTP Successful Response Status Codes and when to use them?

Replied on February 23, 2017

200 OK

It means request has succeeded.  For different HTTP method, HTTP status code 200 (OK) has different success meaning.

GET: Request is successful and result has been written in message body.

HEAD: Request is successful and entity headers have been sent in message body.

POST: Request is successful and result of action has been sent in message body.

TRACE: Request is successful and the message contains the request message as received by server.


201 Created

It means a new resource has been created successfully as requested.  Usually this HTTP status is sent for a PUT method.

202 Accepted

It means request has been received and action has not been taken yet. Usually the scenario is where batch processing is used to complete the action. After completion of request no response is sent back asynchronously.

203 Non-Authoritative Information

Request is successful but the meta-information sent back has been collected from third parties and not by origin server.

204 No Content

It means there is no content to send back but headers may be useful.

205 Reset Content

This response code is sent after accomplishing request to tell user agent reset document view which sent this request.

206 Partial Content

This response code is used because of range header sent by the client to separate download into multiple streams.

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