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Asked on October 25, 2013

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I have faced an interview question like what is your project architecture ?, for that have explained what are the technologies we have used explained but the interviewer not satisfied with my answer. So could any one give me the best answer and what are the things we need to explain same in interview ?


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Replied on October 26, 2013
Ya its really a question which we face in our interview.  Sometimes we become successful to convince and some times not. It depends on interviewer. Some interviewer wants to go deeper in what ever we worked in the project and some interviewer just want to know high level design.
So before going to interview, we should be ready properly. Create a note of HLD(high level diagram) and LLD(low level diagram).  HLD describes about software functionality, protocol, programming language, database design, operating system and hardware used to develop our software.  LLD describes the actual logic for every functional component.

So you should be ready with Data flow and flow charts  for High level design  and Object level diagram for  low level design. And start with HLD and if interviewer takes interest deeper then go to LLD.

Replied on October 28, 2013

This really depends on what tools you are using. For example:

  • If you are using Maven, for example, your project should have a pom.xml in the root directory and should normally follow the Maven Directory Layout..
  • If you are using Ant then you should have a build.xml.
  • .project is a private file used by Eclipse to store project-specific configuration information.

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