Java 9 Tutorials

Java Map.of() and Map.ofEntries() Example The Map.of and Map.ofEntries are the static factory methods of java.util.Map and has been introduced in Java 9. Java Set.of() Example The Set obtained from Set.of is unmodifiable. We cannot add, delete elements to it. We can also not update the reference of object at any index in the unmodifiable Set. Java Immutable List using List.of() An immutable List does not change its state after its construction. We cannot add, update or remove elements in an immutable List. Java 9 Module Example This page will walk through Java 9 Module Example. A Module is a set of packages designed for reuse. In Java 9, Java programs are Modules. Java Module is the main feature introduced in Java 9 release. Java Try-With-Resources This page will walk through Java try-with-resources example. Try-with-resources is a try statement that declares one or more resources. Java 9 Reactive Streams This page will walk through Java 9 Reactive Streams tutorial. Reactive stream is a specification that provides a standard for asynchronous stream processing with non-blocking backpressure. Convert Array to List in Java This page will walk through how to convert array into list using Java. We can achieve it in many ways such as by using List.of, Stream.collect, Collections.addAll and Arrays.asList methods.

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