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Interview Questions: Spring Expression Language

June 12, 2013
Qns-1: What are the features of Spring Expression Language?
Ans: Find the few features of Spring Expression Language
Literal expressions
Boolean and relational operators
Regular expressions
Class expressions
Accessing properties, arrays, lists, maps
Method invocation
Relational operators
Calling constructors
Qns-2: What classes are used for Expression Evaluation in Spring?
Ans: Find the code snippet for expression evaluation.
ExpressionParser expPar = new SpelExpressionParser();
Expression exp = expPar.parseExpression("'Hi, My Name is Ram'");
String message = (String) exp.getValue();
Qns-3: What is the role of EvaluationContext in Spring?
Ans: EvaluationContext helps to resolve properties, methods, fields in an expression. EvaluationContext also helps in type conversion.
Qns-4: How many ways expression supports to define bean definitions?
Expression supports in both way
a. XML based configuration
b. Annotation-based configuration
Qns-5: What is the role of #this and #root variables in Spring Expression?
Ans: #this refers to the current evaluation object.
#root refers to the root context object.

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