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mobile jquery for iPhone

joined on
March 16,2013
Asked on October 13,2013

How to use jQuery Mobile to create iPhone Web Apps?

joined on
October 10,2013
Replied on October 13,2013

I also need the example to jQuery for iPhone Web Apps
joined on
October 15,2013
Replied on October 15,2013

Take a look at my other answers related to this theme:

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    To make a story short. Hybrid apps are still more then acceptable in Apple app store, you just need to accept some guidelines like:

    • App must have native look and feel
    • Do not use 3rd party payment systems
    • Do not use server side technology to render page content, use ajax instead
joined on
October 10,2013
Replied on October 15,2013

Need more explanation by any example.

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