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How to install Maven in windows

By Arvind Rai, August 20, 2013
Apache Maven is a tool to manage software Project. Maven works on the basis of POM i.e Project Object Model. Maven can clean, compile, package and install etc. To install Maven in Window we need to follow below steps

1. Install JDK(1.6 or other)
2. Maven 3.1.0 or other.

Maven can be downloaded from its official site as Download Maven. Once the you have downloaded, extract it in a location like (C:/). And you can change the folder name.
It may look like C:\maven3.0
To run maven, we need to follow below steps.

1. Configure Path
2. Configure MAVEN_HOME

Set Maven Path and MAVEN_HOME

Go to the Environment Variables and configure Path and MAVEN_HOME.

How to install Maven in windows

To test whether maven has been installed successfully , go to the command prompt And run mvn command.
It will display as

How to install Maven in windows

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