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Microsoft Windows 8 Tips and Tricks

How to Block Website in Windows 8 If you want to block the access of any website in your computer, then you have a facility to block that website that you want. This facility will protect your computer from unwanted access of website... How to Manage Power and Sleep Mode in Windows 8
January 11, 2014
Power is the main function of the any computer. Without power we can't run the machine and when no power supply then we can't rum the OS. Here we are discussing about the setting of power which is used by the OS... How to Change Drive Letter in Windows 8
December 17, 2013
When you install the Windows OS, the operating system automatically assigned the letter to your main drive i.e. to your partition of hard disk. But according to need or requirement you can change the drive letter... How to Change User Account Password in Windows 8
November 27, 2013
User Account Password protect your computer for misuse. If you set a password during the installation time and you are unable to change it. Don't worry, here the way to change your current password... How to Show File Extension in Windows 8
November 26, 2013
To show which type file you are using or seeing, you need to enable the File Extension option in your machine. Follow the bellows steps to see your file extension...
How to Delete History of Computer in Windows 8
November 26, 2013
Operating System save every record whatever you do in machine. You can see the History of computer and delete it also. When you will delete the history of computer... How to Show Hidden Folders and Files in Windows 8
November 24, 2013
To show the hidden folder or files in Windows 8 you need to check the Hidden items from the setting. Go to the Computer or Folder View... How to Change Size of Start Menu Icon in Windows 8
November 24, 2013
Windows 8 provide a facility to resize the Start menu icons. You can make it Large, Wide, Small, Medium according to your need. Just follow the below steps to resize the icons... How to Enable Hibernate Option in Windows 8
November 21, 2013
Hibernate is a power saving. When your machine is in hibernate mode, hardware completely powered down. The date from RAM moved to hard drive. When you push the power button then your windows will resume... How to Display Computer Icon on Desktop in Windows 8
November 19, 2013
Windows 8 is new version of Windows family's operating system. Windows 8 is also a user friendly operating system. But like previous version of Windows OS, Windows 8 does not have the... How to Uninstall Application (Apps) from Windows 8
November 19, 2013
Windows 8 come with the features of Apps. You can download the Apps from the Windows Store and install in the machine. But when there is no need of any apps which installed in your machine... New Features in Windows 8
April 15, 2013
There are many new features added in Windows 8 Operating System by Microsoft. These features make Windows 8 attractive and give a new look. New features of Windows 8 are... How to extend the size of Recycle Bin in Window 8
January 20, 2013
Before we do operation on Recycle Bin, let's try to understand What is Recycle Bin..... How to Change the Desktop Theme and Image in Windows 8
January 20, 2013
How to Change the Desktop Theme and Image in Windows 8 we will inform you that Window 8 is a user friendly and attractive Operating System.... Adjusting the Screen Resolution in Window 8
January 20, 2013
To customize the Screen Resolution in Window 8 is one of the most important feature.....
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