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How to know wifi password in Windows 7 To access the internet in our PC, there are several way. But the most effective and popular way is WiFi. WiFi is a wireless technology that connect your computer with Internet... How to Create System Image in Windows 7
November 06, 2013
System image includes the drives required for Windows to run.It also includes Windows and your system settings, programs, and files.You can use a system image to restore the contents of your computer... How to Create System Repair Disk in Windows 7
November 06, 2013
System repair disk helps you to repair the operating system. When your OS got damaged or missing some file or programs its need a repair disk to repair your OS as well... How to Create the Backup of Computer in Windows 7
November 06, 2013
These day most of the people using the computer and store all the in the computer hard drive. But they forget computer run on an Operating System and it may be crashed... How to Change Mouse Double-click Speed in Windows 7
November 04, 2013
Changing the mouse double-click speed means when click on any folder or file to open it, it will fast as previous speed. There are a lots of property in Mouse device... How to Change Mouse Pointer in Windows 7
November 04, 2013
Mouse pointer play a very important role in the Computer world. By using mouse pointer we indicate or direct a file or folder to open it or show it. Mouse property contain various variety of mouse pointer...
How to Open Folder on a Single Click in Windows 7
October 26, 2013
To open a folder on a Single Click in windows 7, you need to change the setting of folder option. Here we provide the way or method or steps to change your setting. Here basically two option given by Windows... How to Create a Password Reset Disk in Windows 7
October 16, 2013
Password reset disk will help you to reset password of your operating system when you forgot the password. Before crating reset password disk you need a pen drive where you can store it... USB Power Management in Windows 7
October 15, 2013
To manage the power in your USB devices from the Windows 7 operating system is one of the unique features to set the power in USB devices. By enabling the power in USB device you can access the USB... How to Show and Hide file extension in Windows 7
September 17, 2013
The method to show and hide file is very nothing worry about it. File extension is basically the type of your file.It is very important and very common to see and change it... How to Remove Wi-Fi or Wireless networks from Window 7
May 26, 2013
To manage the Wi-Fi or wireless networks from your machine in Windows 7 OS is a simple task. Go to your Taskbar and make a right click on Wi-Fi icon... How to hide Taskbar in Windows 7
May 09, 2013
Taskbar is panel in Windows 7 where we can see the open windows on the machine. Here we will discuss "HOW TO HIDE TASKBAR" in Windows 7 operating system.... How to Update Windows 7
April 08, 2013
Updating Windows 7 means installing the new features from the Microsoft Windows 7 Server. When we update Windows 7 it downloads latest update from the server and asks to you for installing the updates... How to Change Time Zone in Windows 7
April 04, 2013
To change the Time Zone according to your country time zone in Windows 7 is very easy. Time Zone is basically some setting or you can say that what the standard time followed in your country.... How to allow Remote Desktop connection in Windows 7
March 24, 2013
In Window 7, to access Remote Desktop, we need to set some configuration to allow the access. Find the steps to do that.... How to access Remote Desktop connection in Windows 7
March 24, 2013
Remote Desktop allow us to use our system from anywhere in the world. But there are some setting and manual which need to setup for using Remote Desktop from another place.... Changing the Curser of Mouse in Windows 7
March 24, 2013
To change the current curser of your mouse is make the Windows attractive and more interesting. There are too many different types of curser in Windows 7.... How to set Taskbar in Left, Right, Top and Bottom position in Window 7
March 23, 2013
Changing the position of Taskbar in Windows 7 is make your desktop attractive. Now we will change the position of Taskbar by following little instruction....
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