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Latest Features of Mozilla Firefox Browser

By Atul Rai, October 16, 2013
Mozilla Firefox web browser offers very helpful features and reasonable security. It also consumes less computer resources than other web browsers allowing fast and comfortable browsing even on slower machines. Firefox is a free, cross platform (available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms) web browser developed by Mozilla Corp. together with many other contributors.

Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

Latest Firefox features a very useful technology to book mark interesting websites. All you have to do is drag the tab to book marks area and the web page appears as a box there. Browser book marks are immediately saved; they will remain when you will open Firefox for the next time. To remove a page from Firefox book mark line, simply right click on it and select delete from contextual menu.

Find Stuffs in Mozilla Firefox

Internal search feature in Firefox web browser allows searching for a word or phrase within a web page. Search functionality is enhanced with live seek feature -Firefox automatically scrolls to the first found phrase as you are typing, if phrase is not found input bar becomes red. Firefox search can be called by clicking Ctrl + F.

Tab Facility in Mozilla Firefox

Browser tabs do not appear when you firstly start Firefox; they can be enabled by right clicking on any web link and selecting "Open Link in New Tab" from a contextual menu (automatically opens required link on a new tab in Firefox toolbar), or by simply clicking Ctrl + T (creates a new tab). Tabbed browsing is very useful when one needs to view many web pages at the same time; it is much easier to switch pages (i.e. while one page is loading, preview another one) using tabs compared to having many separate windows containing one web page each.

Integrated Search in Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is equipped with a web search bar that allows selecting your favorite search and performing a search directly from integrated web search tool.

Security in Mozilla Firefox

World Wide Web is great for searching required information/products, communicating with friends or for simply having fun; however it is also an unsafe place. A use of wrongly selected or outdated web browser might easily lead to automated installation of unwanted harmful software, identity theft and/or other significant harm. Firefox team is constantly working on known security flaws offering one of the safest browsers available.
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