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Cannot resolve reference to bean 'neo4jTemplate'

joined on
November 09,2013
Asked on December 11,2014
Cannot resolve reference to bean 'neo4jTemplate' while setting bean property 'neo4jTemplate'; 

I am getting the above error with my Entity class in my spring and neo4j application. My Entity class is 

public class Person {
int id;
public String name;
@RelatedTo(type="TEAMMATE", direction=Direction.BOTH)
public Set<Person> teammates;

Am I missing something?
joined on
August 11,2014
Replied on December 11,2014

Use Class for @GraphId
as below

Long id;

And test.
joined on
November 09,2013
Replied on December 14,2014

Thanks for the reply.

That was my mistake.

Now working with your changes.
joined on
October 10,2013
Replied on December 23,2014

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