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New Features in Windows 8
April 15, 2013
There are many new features added in Windows 8 Operating System by Microsoft. These features make Windows 8 attractive and give a new look. New features of Windows 8 are... How to Update Windows 7
April 08, 2013
Updating Windows 7 means installing the new features from the Microsoft Windows 7 Server. When we update Windows 7 it downloads latest update from the server and asks to you for installing the updates... How to Change Time Zone in Windows 7
April 04, 2013
To change the Time Zone according to your country time zone in Windows 7 is very easy. Time Zone is basically some setting or you can say that what the standard time followed in your country.... How to allow Remote Desktop connection in Windows 7
March 24, 2013
In Window 7, to access Remote Desktop, we need to set some configuration to allow the access. Find the steps to do that.... How to access Remote Desktop connection in Windows 7
March 24, 2013
Remote Desktop allow us to use our system from anywhere in the world. But there are some setting and manual which need to setup for using Remote Desktop from another place.... Changing the Curser of Mouse in Windows 7
March 24, 2013
To change the current curser of your mouse is make the Windows attractive and more interesting. There are too many different types of curser in Windows 7.... How to set Taskbar in Left, Right, Top and Bottom position in Window 7
March 23, 2013
Changing the position of Taskbar in Windows 7 is make your desktop attractive. Now we will change the position of Taskbar by following little instruction....
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